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Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline is a 3D, third-person, action-adventure expansion pack to Watch Dogs Legion. It is developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft.

The Plot:
Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline takes place several months before the events of the main game, with returning vigilante Aiden Pearce (the protagonist from Watch Dogs) and hacker Wrench (a main character from Watch Dogs 2) as the protagonists. The story begins with Aiden travelling to London after accepting a contract from fixer Jordi Chin. Whilst in the city, he hopes to make amends with his nephew who is studying there at university. However, by the time he nearly finishes his contract – someone else finishes it. This turns out to be Wrench. The two characters are initially in conflict with each other, but they eventually team up and work together.

Aiden’s story involves him trying to repair his reputation. His family have abandoned him and has only one friend left. He desperately wants to become a good person again, but struggles throughout the story. Meanwhile, Wrench’s story is about a personal grudge he has with the CEO Thomas Rempart and his efforts to get justice with him.

About the Gameplay:
The gameplay removes the base game’s ability to play as any NPC, and instead focuses on Aiden and Wrench. The game features combat, unique weaponry and hacking. The story features ten missions and also side games that the player can partake in to upgrade the characters’ skills.

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