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Twin Mirror is an adventure, single-player narrative that engages its players from a third-person view. It was developed by Donton Entertainment Company, which also happens to be the publisher alongside Shibuya Productions. In the gameplay, players adopt the personality of an investigative journalist called Sam.

Sam returns to his hometown, Basswood, to bid farewell to his best friend but finds more chapters to close from his past life before leaving. He has to choose between reconnecting with his people and utilizing his unique intellectual skills to unravel Basswood’s hidden secrets. Basswood’s surroundings and environment appear interactive, and its objects achievable, yet it is difficult for Sam to trust anyone, not even himself.

As a player in Sam’s character, you will unravel a conspiracy network that runs through Basswood’s hidden locations. Every interaction, each decision you make, and each discovery you make will influence the path of Sam’s investigation and also determine how much he is willing to lose to go to such extremes.

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