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If you’re any sort of gamer or in fact even if you don’t actively engage in video gaming as a regular hobby, at some point in your life you must have picked up a controller or tapped away at a keyboard to play FIFA. The latest iteration of what has become the gaming institution of FIFA is due, FIFA2020, but, what does this Electronic Arts Canada (EA Sports) have in store for loyal fans of the franchise and those gamers who have an on-again, off-again relationship with the interactive Action/Sports game?

Cross-platform uniformity

With each new release of this cult classic title, EA is getting closer and closer to the type of cross-platform uniformity which unites PlayStation, Xbox and PC gamers as opposed to dividing them, thanks to their Frostbite game engine. Gamers on any of these platforms can look forward to the introduction of Football Intelligence, surely set to bring a deeper level of intellectual challenge to even the most seasoned of FIFA cult fans.

Better game-flow authenticity

Former star players such as Frank Lampard have been quoted as saying they don’t play FIFA, because of how limited it is in terms of what it allows individual players to do when in control of the ball, but with FIFA20 that could all change. In addition to the introduction of Football Intelligence, the game now features Decisive Moments, user-controlled of course, as well as an enhancement to the Ball Physics System. In action, what this means is that you enjoy more control of the key moments in every single match played.

The footballer’s interactive sports game

FIFA20 is somewhat of a sports game for those gamers who have an idea of what it’s like to play football in real life, with the likes of Natural Player Motion to look forward to. The AI player’s movement is more natural and offers more composure than in all previous versions. AI also offers some intelligent in-game support, such as space cover in defensive situations.

Gamers will simply enjoy a more realistic feel for the beautiful game with FIFA2020, with full licensing maintaining the star-studded allure, of course.