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Elex video game is a science fantasy themed action game developed by Piranha Bytes and released on October 2017. It is published by THQ Nordic for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. The post-apocalyptic game has the main protagonist fighting for ‘ELEX,’ a resource that gives players magic powers. The player can use swords, magic and guns against enemies as he seeks the magic resource.


The game begins on the Planet of Magalan where a giant comet has struck and reset human civilization. This leaves those who are trapped in a battle for survival. After the disaster, a mysterious substance known as ELEX emerges, with the potential to change everything. However, Magalan is divided into four factions each having different views on how to use this substance. The Bersekers of Edan abhor using ELEX, the Cleric of Ignadon love technology and use ELEX to power their devices, the Outlaws use ELEX as drugs or explosive and the Albs who use the substance with great power and play the main antagonists of the game. The player joins the game as a former member of the Albs.


The game set in a post-apocalyptic is played from a third-person perspective. The player has the option of joining any of the three main functions. He has to either choose the side which uses magic to save the world (the albs), the side that believes technology is key (clerics) or those believing all this new power will destroy the world (outlaws).

Pros and cons

One of the highlights of the game is its unexpected twists and turns. It received a lot of praise for its engaging and multi-layered backstories. However, a major downside is the game does not offer many opportunities to solve problems using other means and not just combat.