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Call of duty vanguard is a premiering single player shooter video game. It is the eighteenth overall installment of the call of duty series. It was created by an American video game developer called Sledgehammer games.

The Gameplay

The game is said to feature almost comparable gameplay mechanics in another Call of duty series game, Modern warfare. It has new game features that permit the gamer to use a more tactical approach in combat like unraveling through destructible environmental elements or crafting new paths to conclude objectives by climbing walls.

The game’s multiplayer mode is set to have twenty maps in which 16 will feature essential game modes, while the rest of the maps will feature a newly branded game mode called Champion Hill.

The main aim of the Champion hill is to survive as long as possible so as to be considered the last man standing in a free-for-all gameplay mode. The gamers combine tactics and strategy in a quick paced gunplay.

Twelve lives will be shared among the eight gaming squads across the four staged maps which are specifically custom made of these call of duty series. In the case in which lives are depleted the game will end and the last squad with any unexpended lives wins the tournament.

A new and special feature is Combat pacing, which will allow gamers control the temperance and density of essential multiplayer game modes. Gamers can also choose from three pacing filters which favor their gameplays. They include Tactical, Assault and Blitz.

It also has a newly upgraded anti-cheat system. The vanguard series also returns the zombie mode.

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