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Finally, the long wait is over! Made by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla version will be released on 10th November 2020. The video game enthusiasts can now smile as the game features a wide range of roleplays that they can take up. It is an advancement of the Assassin’s Creed series such as the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the Assassin’s Creed Originals. Let’s see what the 9th century themed game has to offer.


The video game allows you to engage on side missions whereby you and your Viking clan storm a boundary. They appear in much more free-form as compared to the assaults. A gamer will no longer take a battering ram to make their way through the outpost. The primary goal is to kill the enemies; it does not matter the method used. Once the raid is complete, you will get usable resources at the settlement to build homes and buildings.


Gamers can invade the fortress and use assaults. These are missions where you are required to use battering rams to break the walls of your enemy. The assaults are the main quests in the Valhalla version. The gamer has a Viking army by their side during the invasion. As such, you can cover as many fortresses and defeat relentless enemies.


Completing a raid means that you get resources for building and construction. These resources are majorly raw materials that you can use to enhance your clan’s home. As the clan leader, you are required to build and construct your settlement throughout the game. You can make things such as fishing shacks, aviaries, or even practice blacksmithing. You must understand that every built item has its purpose. You can trade fish for particular rewards, enhance weapons using the blacksmithing skills, and give the shipyard a facelift through the aviaries. The settlement also allows you to customise a Jomsvikingr mercenary and invite friends online to join the game. For those who choose Eivor, you can also customize his look by changing the hair and tattoos.

Level Up

Those who played ‘Odyssey’ and ‘Origins’ experienced gradually leveling up and unlocking new abilities. Well, with the Valhalla version, you do not need levels. The video game comes with a global power that is based on the unlocked skills. As you continue playing, you increase your global power and receive skill points. The skill points can be spent on a skill tree that allows you to learn new abilities, get more strength, and ranged attacks, among others. While on the skill tree, you can pursue the bear, the wolf, or a raven. Each category has a specific place style, and you can progress through them as much as you like. The game has excellent controls, and one can reset the skill tree path to fit the different missions.

Exciting Side Activities

You can engage and flyting, drinking, and puzzles when you’re not on a mission. In the game, you will get drinking minigames; participate in hunting as well as flyting challenges. The flyting challenge involves participating in a Viking rap battle where you can insult your enemies with rhymes. Winning search about whole improves your charisma level. The game also has exciting puzzles such as Cairn puzzles, Standing Stones, and Animus Anomalies. Choose your preference!

World Events

The significant disparity between Odyssey and Valhalla is that side quests have been replaced with world events. If you are taking a walk in the countryside and find two people arguing, you can choose to walk away or help them solve their troubles. The good thing is that no unfinished quest will show up on your log if you choose the latter.

Longship Transversing

In the ‘Black Flag’ version, most battles are accessed by boats. The Valhalla version allows the gamer to operate on a smaller longship with your best warriors. This team will help you fight your opponents are you still enjoy the beauty of Valhalla.


This is just but some of the most exciting features that the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers. With the release date set on 10th November 2020, you can be sure to find more features activities in the long awaited video game.

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